About Ready by 21 Dashboard

The Ready by 21 Coalition in Austin, Texas began with a Youth Issues Forum convened by Austin’s planning council, the Community Advancement Network (CAN), and the workforce development board, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, under the auspices of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Workforce Solutions Capital Area sponsored the effort for a number of years after inception by providing facilitation and project coordination.

The Challenge

In communities around the country, leaders are developing approaches to reach the goal of having all youth ready. Still, far too few youth in America are ready, too few communities are providing youth enough quality supports, and too many leaders are not working together effectively.

The Approach
Ready by 21 provides clear standards to achieve collective impact, tools and solutions to help leaders make progress, and ways to measure and track success along the way.  Specifically, Ready by 21 helps leaders:

The Partners
The Forum and the Ready by 21 National Partners – national organizations from the fields of education, government, nonprofits, business, research and philanthropy – are committed to helping communities carry out Ready by 21 strategies.  The Partners provide tools, training and technical assistance to increase the collective impact of community and state efforts.

Combined, the National Partners reach over 650,000 state and local leaders who impact the lives of more than 100 million children and youth across the United States.