Academically Successful & Workforce Ready

Young people:

1. Enter Kindergarten prepared to succeed in school

 enter kindergarten school-ready

2. Are academically successful

 Passing 3rd grade and 5th grade reading, math, and science on state assessment
 Retention (being held back)
 Passing 8th grade state assessment
 Transitioning successfully through 9th grade
  Graduating from high school in 4 years
 Passing 3rd grade reading on state assessment
 Passing 8th grade math on state assessment

3. Graduate from high school college- and/or career-ready and prepared for a lifetime of learning

 graduating on the recommended or distinguished academic plan
 graduates meeting college readiness standards
 postsecondary enrollment (same year as graduation from High School)

4. Successfully complete post-secondary education or training

 earning post-secondary credentials
 completion of post-secondary education/training

5. Are productive and equipped to reach financial self-sufficiency

 idle youth (ages 16-19, not in school and not working)
 financially literate